NASA Voyager Recordings – Symphonies of the Planets [1992]

Share the journey of a 5 billion mile trek to the outer limits of our solar system. Hear the beautiful songs of the planets. The complex interactions of the cosmic plasma of the universe, charged electromagnetic particles from the solar wind, planetary magnetosphere, rings and moons create vibration soundscapes which are at once utterly alien and deeply familiar to the ear. Some of these sounds are hauntingly like human voices singing, giant Tibetan bowls, wind waves, birds and dolphins. Many are familiar in a way unique for each listener.

VOYAGER has left our solar system forever. The sounds on this recording will never be made again in our lifetime.

Disc One:
Symphonies of the Planets 1 (30:52)

Disc Two:
Symphonies of the Planets 2 (30:38)

Disc Three:
Symphonies of the Planets 3 (30:46)

Disc Four:
Symphonies of the Planets 4 (30:15)

Disc Five:
Symphonies of the Planets 5 (31:08)

(authentic celestial music)

320kbps. buy; download»


~ by the little mute dandelion queen on December 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “NASA Voyager Recordings – Symphonies of the Planets [1992]”

  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I’m giving these tracks a listen right now. Hauntingly beautiful, and very mesmerizing.

  2. […] our very universe – it was not created by man, only was waiting for man to capture it.  Link for those that want to know more.  At the bottom of that post there is a link to buy or download. […]

  3. All Universe praises its Creator wish such unique song.No words,just ‘wow’!

  4. thanks

  5. Thank you very much for sharing this, amazing. music and science have always been much closer than we think
    I will try to write myself something (in italian) about this.

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