Boyd Rice – The Way I Feel [2000]

The Way I Feel

1. Theme from Pearls Before Swine (with Joel Haertling)
2. Hatesville (with Joel Haertling)
3. Equilibrium (With Douglas P. & John Murphy (scorpion wind))
4. The End of the World (with David Tibet)
5. People (with Douglas P.)
6. Assume the Position (with Vadge Moore (Chthonic Force))
7. Many Hands (With Coil)
8 . Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (with Tiffany Anders)
9. Why Did The Feminist Cross The Road? (Shuan Partridge / Produced By Boyd Rice)
10. A Hymn to Him (with Joel Haertling)
11. Motherfuckin’ Deer Bit Me (With Shaun Partridge)
12. Love will Change the World (The Boyd Rice Experience)
13. Quiet Village Idiot (with Adam Parfrey (The Tards))
14. Preserve Thy Loneliness (with Douglas P. & John Murphy (Scorpion Wind))
15. The Blackness (with Little Fyodor (additional vocals by Winona Righteous))
16. The Cross of Lorraine (with luftwaffe)
17. Alone with the Calm (The Boyd Rice Experience)

(the inexpressive and it’s infinite complexity)

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~ by the little mute dandelion queen on August 2, 2009.

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